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Frequently Asked question

We have referred to the most frequently asked questions here for you, we appreciate you taking interest in the new age & concept of F&B Industry. 

what cuisines do you serve?

We serve 5 cuisines. North Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian & Lebanese.

Do we have to plan staff on our own?

Staff will be provided by us, you sit back and relax.

Can we do interior design on our own?

Yes, you can hire your Interior designer but all the designs will be given by the company.

what is the franchisees fees?

Franchise fee for a TYH Robot restaurant is 15 Lakh.

Will you provide us with the raw material, as & when required?

Raw materials are ordered by the store, as & when required.

how old is TYH robot restaurant ?

TYH Robot Restaurant is 5 years old we started our first outlet in 2017 and the company who own TYH Robot Restaurant is 13 years old.

What is the process to get a franchisee?

Just give us a call on the number given or an application form. Our team will connect you immediately.

Can you provide us with just the Brand name & Robot?

With a Brand name comes a lot of expectations from TYH Robot Restaurant owners. We cannot just give the brand name and robots.

What is TYH Robot restaurant yellow house?

T.Y.H. Robot Restaurant is a conceptualised casual dining setup. At the restaurant, we showcase a unique and modernist approach to our ambience and Indian food. The cuisine served at T.Y.H Robot Restaurant speaks for itself, as it surprises the palate as never before.

How many outlets do you have?

We have 5 outlets running and 4 are in construction at this point of time

do you serve liquor and sheesha as well?

No, we don't serve both the itms.

Is there any minimum area required?

Minimum area required to open TYH Robot Restaurant is 1500 to 2000 sq ft.

What is the duration of franchise fee?

It's valid for 5 years, after that there is a nominal fee.

what is the estimated investment in opening a TYH robot restaurant outlet?

The investment required is 55 Lakh for an outlet.

Do you charge royalty? if yes how much and what service do you provide in return?

Yes, we charge Royalty. It's 8% of the total sales every month. Talking about services we give - staff support, marketing operations and quality check.

What type of franchise do you provide?

We operate on both FOFO & FOCO models. FOFO - Franchise Owned Franchise Operated. FOCO - Franchise Owned Company Operated.

What set's you apart from your competition?

The fact that we serve good quality food at affordable prices with our concept is what sets us apart.

Get a special offer for your special occasion

Celebrate special moments with your loved ones & Robo Ruby at TYH Robot Restaurant. We organise birthday, anniversary, corporate, and kitty parties. We offer decorations for special occasions. 

Customer Review

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A really new concept of using robots to serve their customers, the place has an amazing ambience to enjoy


    Good food and nice place for hangout and chill with friends and family at a reasonable price.


      It's pure veg restaurant, but platters are really good, Service is 10/10. Very nice experience......


        A unique experience of Robo serving the food till the table. Kids would enjoy a lot too, so enjoy.


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